Blacksmith stoves

Whether your house is rural or urban, old-style or contemporary, Blacksmith Stoves exude the warmth and comfort you desire from elegant stoves styled to suit your needs. Make the flickering flames of a welcoming fire the centrepiece of your room.

Blacksmith Stoves provides a variety of multi-fuel stoves designed using the latest technology bringing you efficiency, cost reduction and lower carbon emissions across their range.

So why choose a Blacksmith stove?

Buying a stove is an investment and if you want to be assured of the very best quality and safety, expert advice, cutting edge stove technology, great design and a super after sales service then the brand of choice is Blacksmith.

The Blacksmith team recognised from the start that stoves would be a desirable heating solution in both contemporary and traditional homes. Our designers made sure that Blacksmith stoves look as good in urban townhouse settings as they do in a country farmhouse or rural cottage.

The durable cast iron construction ensures a long lasting, low maintenance stove that will give years of trouble free heat to your home. All our stoves are suitable for “Overnight Burning” giving a warm home on those cold winter mornings. The polished stainless steel fittings are guaranteed not to rust or peel.

These multi-fuel stoves will burn all types of commercially approved solid fuels such as coal, wood, peat, turf, briquettes and anthracite.

We would agree that many stoves look good on the outside, but what is on the inside? All Blacksmith stoves are fitted with heat resistant “17.8% Certified High Chrome” internal castings which not only makes the stoves suitable for burning smokeless fuels (Smokeless fuels burn at higher temperatures than normal household coal.), but also prolongs the lifetime of the grate. Not all stoves can make this claim. All Blacksmith Stoves have received the internationally recognized and coveted German Amtliche Materialprufungsanstalt seal of approval.

Blacksmith Stoves are CE approved and meet DIN EN 13240 standards.